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Automatic fire alarm systems detect the smoke or heat released from a fire to provide an early warning, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing premises to be evacuated, emergency services notified and plant to be shut down / activated as necessary. Manual call points ("Breakglass" devices) can be fitted to the system a strategic locations to allow manual activation of the alarm system Fire Alarm systems are also intended to report the event to an off-premises location in order to summon emergency services, and to prepare the structure and associated systems to control the spread of fire and smoke.

Al Nawras team is capable to install and run 2 typr of Fire alarm systems.
• Conventional Systems: Provide zonal / area indication of fire only.
• Addressable Systems: Provide unique address and text message for each device

Al Nawras Engineering and Installation team are manufactured trained on different fire alarm systems to provide different verities and flexible solutions to the end user.
The ability to integrate these products and services as part of a full turn-key fire protects solution means that Al Nawras are the one of the best fire contractor used to integrate Fire Alarm and detection systems.

Al Nawras staff have installed and supported many brands in their fire alarm projects such as:
Simplex GENT EST ESSER GST Kenteck