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Dorgard - Fire Door Retainer

Dorgard enables you to legally and safely keep fire doors open, by allowing the door to close when the fire alarm sounds preventing the spread of fire and smoke. Installed onto the bottom of the fire door in under 5 minutes, Dorgard is listening for a continuous fire alarm of 65dBA or higher.
Dorgard features:
• Wireless unit with fail-to-safe technology
• Improves access throughout buildings in line with the Equality Act 2010
• Complies with BS EN 1155 and accepted by the Fire and Rescue Service
• Available in a variety of colours and finishes
• Automatic night-time release facility
• Complies with BS 7273-4 category B
• Adjustable sensitivity
• CE marked

Freedor - wireless fire door closer

Freedor needs to hear a fire alarm that exceeds 65dBA, verifying the alarm over a 14 second period. Freedor will then release the door preventing the spread of fire and smoke around the building.

Freedor Features:
• Adjustable closing speed
• Wireless technology
• Operates up to power size 4 (80kg fire door)
• Allows a door to free-swing through whole range of movement
• Operates as a normal door until activated
• Suitable for right and left hand swing doors
• Can be installed on the opening or closing side of the door
• Night-time release facility
• Fail-to-safe technology, with a minimum battery life of 12-18 months
• Adjustable sensitivity
• Designed to comply with BS EN 1154, BS EN 1155, BS 7273-4 category B
Al Nawras is a system integrator for FIRECO which is a UK based company specialized in construction fire solutions.