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As part of any fire strategy, there is likely to be a requirement for supplementary extinguishing or safety systems to be used by individuals (or operated remotely) to attack the blaze at the point that it occurs.
Fire extinguishers are located in many buildings, containing the relevant extinguishant subject to the hazards present in the area as one of the cornerstones of most fire strategies. Hose reels are also commonly found in many public and commercial premises. The use of fire blankets in kitchens areas are increasingly being used to assist in the fighting of fires and also to reduce the risk of the loss of live and property when fire strikes. There is however a note of caution about these products. Training in the use of these products is vital. These products can provide an initial means of fighting fires at early stage but can present danger for operators who are not trained adequately.

• Water fire extinguishers

Water fire extinguisher can be used for Class A fires i.e. solids only, such as wood, paper, plastics and fabrics. They are not suitable for controlling Class B liquid fires e.g. paraffin, petrol, oil based fires, including chip pan fires, or on electrical fires and where electricity is involved unless the supply can be disconnected first. Water fire extinguishers are colour coded with a red label. Do not be confused with the normal red paint finish on the main body of most types of fire extinguisher. The fire extinguisher works by water under pressure cooling burning material.

• CO2 fire extinguishers

The Co2 (Carbon Dioxide) fire extinguisher is ideal for fires involving delicate electrical equipment and Class B liquid fires. It does not work by cooling the fire and is therefore not recommended for controlling Class A fires involving solids. Co2 fire extinguishers discharge gas under pressure replacing the air with inert Carbon Dioxide gas which does not support combustion. Co2 fire extinguishers are colour coded with a black label.

• Foam fire extinguishers

Foam (AFFF) fire extinguishers are more versatile than water and are lighter in weight compared with water equivalents delivering similar suppressant performance. They can be used for Class A & B fires but are not recommended for fires involving electricity. Foam fire extinguishers are colour coded with a cream label. A foam fire extinguisher discharges a foam solution under pressure that forms a blanket or film on the surface of a burning liquid creating a barrier between the fire vapours and the air necessary to support combustion thereby smothering the fire.
Al Nawras is distributing Ex-Celsius range which is an extinguishers range that has been a result of the extensive research and development led by a team with decades of industry experience. The new range of fire extinguisher excels in quality, functionality and value. The Ex Celsius range of stored pressure fire extinguishers are strong, effective and durable to provide long lasting, practical fire protection